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A New Year, A New You

With 2016 closed out, we have much to look forward to. An oldie but goodie – finger waves will be making an appearance yet again. Perhaps more subtle than what we saw years ago, these finger waves will be very sophisticated, yet playful.

Braids will join us once again, as will soft, tousled waves. Say goodbye to the side part, as the middle part is going to be the show stealer in 2017. Golden hues will be in high demand, but that doesn’t mean that brown roots will go extinct! We will still see various forms of balayage and root shadows in both blondes and brunettes.

On the style front, get ready for stripes! Whether its seaside stripes or pinstripes, the bold lines will be marking their territory on business women and weekend entertainers alike. Yellow tones will be present in clothing, as well as hair. And don’t cover up those shoulders! We will still be seeing a lot of skin, both single and double shoulders, in the form of shirts and dresses.

And don’t forget to finish off your 2017 look with some bold lips! Have a wonderful and safe 2017!