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Bows & Buns

Bows are big (or small) in fashion, accessories, and hair this season. Feminine and playful, bows can freshen up your look with a subtle touch.  Bow buns combine two popular hair trends right now and provide a cute style in minutes!

To try this style, you will need an elastic band, bobby pins, and hairspray.

1.) Begin with smooth, straight hair. Put your hair up in a ponytail but leave a small section of hair out (from the center of your gathered hair). Wrap the elastic band around your ponytail.
2.) Divide the pony tail into equal halves.
3.) Take the left section of your ponytail and wrap the hair to the left around your open palm. Make sure the hair is smooth. This will create the loop of the bow. Keep wrapping your hair for the entire left section and secure to your head with the bobby pins. Pull apart the outer layer of your hair loop to cover the under hair.
4.) Repeat step 3 with the right section of your ponytail. Secure tightly with bobby pins.
5.) Take the small section left out of your ponytail and pull it up the center of your head, in the middle of the left and right bow loops. Secure with a bobby pin above the elastic band.
6.) Bring the small section back down over the middle again and pin it just below the elastic band. This creates the “knot” in your bow.
7.) Tuck the remaining hair into one of the loops and secure so that it is no longer visible.
8.) Spray your finished bow bun with hairspray. Be sure to smooth down any fly-aways.

If you want a hair bow in a synch, try a clip in hair bow.

Click the image if you are interested in the Asos Hair Bow


Have you been working bows into your style? Share how you’re wearing bows (headbands, hair clips, belts, jewelry. . .) or looks you would love to try.