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Changing Seasons, Changing Hair Care

It’s the new year. The holidays are over, festivities have ended and we return to real life. Now that old man winter has graced us with his presence I have noticed a lot of clients complaining about losing hair. It is not uncommon to shed extra hair during the change of seasons, but there are certain times of year that hair loss may become a bit more prominent. There are things to do, however, to help ease the loss.

1. Keep the moisture – Whether your hair is oily or dry, you really shouldn’t be washing it on a daily basis during  the winter. We want to use as much of our natural oils to keep hair healthy. If you work out and sweat and need to hop in the shower every day, you can rinse your hair and use conditioner but washing every day will dry your hair and scalp during winter months.
2. Moisturize your locks in between – We put lotion on our bodies, why not put it  on our hair as well. Kerastase’s Sublimateur Jour is basically lotion for the hair. Simply apply it to your ends, in between shampoos, to maintain moisture.
kerastase sublimateur jour
 3. Cut your hair – Make sure you get frequent haircuts to keep your ends from splitting. Even a 1/2 inch trim every 6 weeks will prevent your ends from becoming damaged and brittle.
4.  Take a break – Stress is one of the greatest causes of hair loss (outside of anatomical causes, of course). Get a facial, massage or go for a run. Reducing your levels of stress  can help prevent losing your locks.
5. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Being well rested and getting plenty of sleep helps maintain your hair and keeps more of it on your head.