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Dust It

Dust It- I won’t say what we really refer to it as, but let’s just say a drug for the hair. We’re talking about Schwarzkopf’s Dust It. This seemingly inconsequential powder truly works magic, especially on hair like mine. Just sprinkle a small amount where you want that, “I just got out of bed and have awesome volume in my hair” kind of lift. Now, if you have been blessed with lots of thick, voluminous hair, you may not be as addicted to it as someone like myself who has a mere six strands on her head. But I will tell you that this stuff is amazing. Put just a small amount to the crown of your head and rub it in, and it looks like your hair has been teased by the best of them – and it lasts! It won’t collapse after a half hour. It also gives a great matte finish so that your hair doesn’t look greasy. For anyone who is looking for the magic fix to give their hair lightweight texture so they can create beautiful styles, this will be your best friend. Conveniently, we sell it here at Robert Gold Salon & Spa.