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Hair Color Trends for the Fall

Since the time we’re little, the beginning of fall has always meant a time to change up our look: New backpacks, new shoes, and of course, new back-to-school outfits.

Now that we’re older, fall is still a great time to change up your look and step into a new you. And there’s no better way to revamp your style than to try a new hair color.

Melissa Kaufman, a senior hair color specialist at Robert Gold Salon, says there are several things to keep in mind when we select a new hair color for the fall.

“As we transition out of summer, we want to let go of the lighter, sun-bleached looks and instead opt for deeper, darker shades that show a lot of dimension,” Melissa says. “As you lose your tan, you want to bring your hair color down, so there continues to be a contrast between your hair and your skin.”

Here are our predictions for some of the hottest hair color trends this fall:

Hair color trends for the fall

1. Honey Blondes: If you’re a blonde, we recommend going with more golden, honey tones and varying the colors applied to different layers to provide more depth.

Hair color trends for the fall

2. Caramel Brunettes: The leaves are always a great source of inspiration for color tones for the fall. If you’re a brunette, you’ll want your hair to have a darker, richer hue than it did in the summer. Look for lots of chestnut shades this fall with root beer or caramel highlights added in to give the hair depth and vibrance.

Hair color trends

3. Copper Reds: Red hair has been very on-trend in 2013. Just think of Emma Stone, Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain, and Isla Fisher. This fall, instead of bright bold reds, go for more coppery or strawberry-blonde coloring to create a warmer look.

Hair color trends for the fall

4. Balayage: Balayage is a term for highlights that are painted onto your hair, rather than created with foils. It creates ribbons of color throughout your hair, giving you a sun-kissed look that’s full of dimension. It’s been a look that’s been especially popular on longer, wavy hair styles in the last few years, and we think it’s going to keep going strong this fall.

If you’re ready to shake up your hair color routine this fall, come in and ask one of our hair colorists about hair color trends that will look great on you!