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Hair Hangers – Is this for real?

I recently went to the circus with my family. Of course I was impressed by the lions that didn’t eat the lion tamer for their afternoon snack, and the talented individuals that jumped through fire. But that all became an amateur act once I saw the Hair Hangers. You read that correctly ladies and gentleman. The Hair Hangers are members of the circus that literally hang by their hair to perform acts, such as being suspended 30 feet in the air to perform high speed rotations and other various acrobatics. At one point, one of the performers was upside down and her braid was the only thing connecting and supporting the second performer that hung beneath her.
My first reaction was to gasp and wonder how their hair is not being ripped out of their scalp one strand at a time. My next reaction was to wonder if they use products that strengthen their hair and toughen up their scalps.   Just watching the tension on their scalps made me wince from the thought of the pain. If someone combs my hair while it is wet I scream. I was truly fascinated, thus I had to research to see how they created this illusion. To my surprise, their was no illusion and no secret, and I left the circus being even more fascinated by the power of human hair.
Hair Hanger
While I don’t recommend this for a new career choice for anyone, it definitely was a sight to see.