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How DO models look so good everyday?

 alisaHaving a model friend is always a plus. They’re fully stocked with all the makeup and supplies you need for any change in weather (or impromptu photo shoots!). My friend Alisa Chojnacki is truly one of the loveliest women I know (inside and out). And at 34, she still looks great every day! Often people ask her how she keeps at it with her grueling promo and modeling schedule, on her feet day in and day out, with constant changes in weather and wardrobe.


 Here are some timeless beauty tips from Alisa Chojnacki to you:

1.Limit your stress! Alisa works for herself, and while she often works more hours than in the past, she finds great satisfaction in being self-employed and making her own hours.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Slather yourself in lotion and keep out of the sun. Tanning beds… Not worth it in the long run, ladies.

3. Use Moroccan oil. Alisa has been using it everyday since 2009. She says it saved her hair from all of the teasing, and heat and color damage that modeling puts you through.

4. Use Spray de Mode by Bumble and Bumble. This is a great product for styling (or restyling) already dried hair. It’s another Alisa favorite.

5. Cater your beauty routine to each season. Our skin changes with the weather. Be sure to look for natural skin care products to ease troubled skin. Ask your stylist questions if your hair or skin seems dry or troubled.

6. Don’t get too caught up in fads. We often know what looks best on us, and we have some funny beauty routines that work for our type of hair and lifestyle. For example, Alisa still uses the Caruso Molecular Hair setter from 1993. Throwback? Yes? Does her hair look fab? Absolutely.

7. Don’t be too safe, either. Have fun with beauty. Try all the types of makeup and new products that will serve you. Never through away that hilarious, pink 1990s power woman blazer, if it is awesome and you love seeing it in your closet. Even if it doesn’t come back in style…doesn’t mean you can’t rock it!

8. You can look good on a small budget. Like many people who work with makeup often, Alisa uses a makeup line called Coastal Scents. It’s not an expensive line of makeup, but the colors are truly expansive and translate well in photos.

9. Know when to invest in professional products and professional help. It varies for each person, but good foundations, good conditioners, good lotions and perfumes…these are things that you use daily that are going to make a huge difference. They moisturize better and stay on longer. The same thing can be said about home coloring. Don’t do a dramatic change at home, even though it can be tempting (or let someone inexperienced do something dramatic to your style…last year an inexperienced stylist cut off far too many inches of Alisa’s actual hair while putting in extensions for a hair tradeshow….yikes!).

10. Be happy. Laugh lots. Try and build the fullest life for yourself. Be the friend, daughter, significant other you want to have. Give lots.