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How to Choose the Right Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles at Robert Gold Salon & Spa

In preparation for our Wedding Open House on Aug. 13, our hair stylist, Karolina, runs down a few pieces of advice when selecting a wedding hairstyle.

  1. Don’t wear your hair down outside: Outdoor weddings sound romantic, but the wind can cause havoc on your hair. If you’re going to be outside, go with an updo, which will stay more intact. The other bonus: Having your hair up will be cooler on a hot day.
  2. Retro is in: Like Mad Men? If so, you’ll love some of the retro looks that are going down the aisle these days. Some vintage looks include short, birdcage type veils, finger waves, and ’60s-inspired twists.
  3. Beachwaves aren’t as casual as they look: Beach waves are super popular these days and look great if you want a relaxed, casual look. But to make them look good, you need to be ok with whipping out a curling iron during the day to touch them up. If you’re not a high maintenance girl, best to go with a simpler style.
  4. Texture is in: For those who love the fullness of beachwaves but want something a little more controlled, try a loose updo with lots of texture. A low messy chignon at the base of your neck or a loose bun have a relaxed, yet elegant look.
  5. Buy a mini hair kit: Your wedding day is long, so make sure you are prepared to touch up your hair throughout the day. Bring a travel-sized hairspray, some rubber bands, a few bobby pins and a comb with you to tame down any flyaways.
  6. Get your hair blowdried the night before:  If your hair tends to frizz in humidity, it’s best not to wash it the day of your wedding. Instead, wash it the day before, then come into the salon for a blow dry. You’ll look fabulous for your rehearsal dinner, and then the next day you can come back in for the dramatic updo.