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Kerastase’s Fusio Dose Treatments

What Have You Done For Me Lately…

In a technological world where people have become accustomed to getting instant results, we meet Kerastase’s Fusio Dose Treatments. These customized hair treatments can treat nearly every hair concern for our clients. Generally speaking, we target¬† your hair’s main issue first. We can then create an individual treatment that not only addresses your greatest concern, but also can treat two to three other areas which require attention. It’s pretty amazing actually.¬†


Kerastase Fusion Dose


If you have over-processed, dry hair that loses its color quickly, we can treat it. If you are worried that your hair is starting to thin out, but also seems to be dry, and lacks shine after color, we can treat it. And the best part…it’s instantaneous. After merely a few minutes of experiencing one of these treatments you will experience positive results. So the next time you feel like you need a little help, but don’t know what is the most important, treat it all!


Call the salon at 847-492-8787 and ask about Kerastase’s Fusio Dose Treatments for more details or to schedule an appointment.